Kiosk building: still about telling your story

Mercedes BenzWhen you consider who has money to spending on marketing, auto manufacturers seem to have no shortage.

This past February, my brother and I went to the International Auto Show in Toronto for his birthday. Being a communications person more than a car buff, I went to look at marketing, drool over the cars that I will likely never be able to afford.

Social Media: Should you be there and which one is “there?”

Your English teacher told you that when you write, you should remember your audience.  But this means you need to know who your audience is. Your teacher made it clear, however, where your audience was. It would reading the paper you handed in. Even though they might tell you that you are writing for a different audience, the audience was them.


If you build it, will they come?

I remember when I first started working in communications. Actually, I should perhaps says started volunteering in communications. An organization that I was involved in had no online presence. Well, maybe they had a minimal online presence. By that, I mean that they had an email address at a time when we had moved from "If you have a billboard, you are legitimate" to "If you have a website, you are legitimate." So I started my campaign to begin developing website, even going as far as creating a mockup of what a new site might look like, and what content it might contain.