Kiosk building: still about telling your story

It is built like an aircraft carrier, but I'd still drive it.When you consider who has money to spending on marketing, auto manufacturers seem to have no shortage. This past February, my brother and I went to the International Auto Show in Toronto for his birthday. Being a communications person more than a car buff, I went to look at marketing, drool over the cars that I will likely never be able to afford.

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3 tips to ensure your CMS isn't hacked

Has your site been hacked? There are a lot of sites that have been. It's not a pretty site when it does happen. 

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Lessons learned from creating my first website

Glenfiddich-Sir-William (Galloway Cow)
Glenfiddich-Sir-William is the same breed of bull as the ones on my first website.

My first website was about cows. It was also two decades ago. But the lessons I learned are still things I use every day. This was when you still had to code HTML by hand. Using a text editor. The pictures were supplied by my father, who was working on a cattle associations magazine. The site wasn't exciting - pictures of cows and a lot of crap text that really had nothing to do with cows. The site wasn't at all interesting. Even to me. But I learned four valuable lessons which I have used many times since.

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If you build it, will they come?

I remember when I first started working in communications. Actually, I should perhaps says started volunteering in communications. An organization that I was involved in had no online presence. Well, maybe they had a minimal online presence. By that, I mean that they had an email address at a time when we had moved from "If you have a billboard, you are legitimate" to "If you have a website, you are legitimate." So I started my campaign to begin developing website, even going as far as creating a mockup of what a new site might look like, and what content it might contain.

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So you want a new website from October 30, 2001 Courtesy of from October 30, 2001 Courtesy of

We all know websites get stale, or begin to looking less appealing than when you first created them. Sometimes this is because of changes in technology that mean that images can appear in a higher resolution, or like fashion, a certain style may no longer be in vogue. You wouldn’t want a webpage today that looks like the ICQ webpage from the end of October 2001.

Of course you might have other reasons for creating a new site than just stale information. You might have a mandate to create new sites, as recently was seen at the university where I work. The dean of the college I work in has decreed that all researchers should have a website to promote their research to help promote the college’s research image. Or you might be creating a new dark site for your crisis communications plan that hopefully you will never need to use. No matter what the reason for a new site is, the rules are the same.

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